S3DOC Durable medium IT solution

  1. Description of the S3DOC durable medium solution
  2. S3DOC system modules
  3. To whom we address this solution
  4. Functional features of the solution
  5. Technical features of the solution
  6. Document encryption
  7. Performance
  8. S3DOC system versions

Description of the S3DOC durable medium solution

The S3DOC IT system is a new generation of a durable medium, the so-called softWORM, in which the characteristics of durability are guaranteed by the application of the world’s best practices and standards in the area of algorithms and cryptographic methods implemented in the software.

S3DOC is an innovative IT system on an EU scale with the features of a durable medium.

The compliance of the characteristics of a durable medium defined in the definition of the European Union and the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection has been audited by the research staff of an independent research institution – the Institute of System Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

The S3DOC system has been successfully audited, which means that it meets all the features of a durable medium. Additionally, apart from the analysis of durable carrier’s features, the architecture of the system enabling its further development was evaluated very highly.

S3DOC system modules

The S3DOC system is a complete ecosystem of IT services enabling the handling of documents with the use of durable information carrier features. Thanks to the use of all components, S3DOC system’s compliance with the regulations concerning durable medium has reached the highest level. Our customers now have durable medium and tools to actively notify consumers of new important documents. A single S3DOC Portal is available to the consumer at the same time, where all the documents are stored. An important function is also the ability to access documents using the dedicated S3DOC Mobile application.

The ecosystem of S3DOC’s durable medium is composed of:

  • S3DOC DHT – main component of the system. It is a document repository providing features of a durable medium.
  • S3DOC API – is a powerful API for integration with external systems. Ease of integration has been confirmed in Proof of Concept projects.
  • S3DOC BC – a component that uses proprietary Blockchain technology (https://bchainnode.com) to ensure the permanence and integrity of information about consumer activity in the S3DOC system. Within the framework of Blockchain, specialist intelligent contracts have been prepared. In total, Blockchain implements about 100 advanced features to process information about millions of documents and the same number of consumers.Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  • S3DOC Server – portal for the document publisher to manage documents and document recipients.
  • S3DOC Portal – portal for document recipients. All documents available to the consumer in one place with access to event history.
  • S3DOC Mobile – additional possibility to access documents for the consumer. Push” notifications support active delivery of documents to the consumer. The system is available on Android and iOS platforms.
  • S3DOC multiSign – the module enables electronic signatures to be made in accordance with the eIDAS Regulation. The person making the declaration may be a registered user of the S3DOC system or a person identified only by his mobile phone number or e-mail address. The declaration of intent may be confirmed by a single authorisation code.

Although durability features have been provided by other means than Blockchain technology, this technology also plays a very important role in ensuring that S3DOC durable medium complies with regulatory requirements.

Events such as these are undeniably recorded on the Blockchain platform:

  • Logging the consumer into the system
  • Adding a document to a durable medium repository
  • Transmission of the document to the consumer’s account in a durable medium
  • Opening / downloading the document by the consumer
  • Sending a document for declaration of intent
  • Submission of a declaration of intent

As part of the above mentioned events, a time stamp and block number in Blockchain, within which the event occurred, are recorded. This is an undeniable log of events allowing for the audit of compliance with legal regulations.

To whom we address this solution

The S3DOC solution is addressed to companies and institutions obliged by legal regulations to use a durable medium which:

  • want to significantly reduce the cost of paper-based communication with customers by digitising documents and passing them on to customers on a durable medium,
  • must adapt or replace current solutions for electronic correspondence with customers with a solution that provides customer information on a durable medium,
  • need to speed up the process of correspondence with customers for reasons of business efficiency,
  • They are looking for “durable medium” solutions available in a wide range of licensing and pricing models, tailored to different needs resulting from the scale of operations and organizational structure of the company,
  • They do not have sufficient technical competence and expect comprehensive project implementation – implementation, maintenance and development of a durable medium solution by one partner.

The system has been designed for many industries which are obliged to use a durable medium, e.g. by the regulations of MIFiD/MIFiD2, PSD/PSD2 and the Act on Consumer Rights and other Polish legal regulations.

In particular, the solution is dedicated to the financial industry (banks, insurance companies, investment funds, loan companies, e-payment intermediaries), but also online shops and service and media providers (telecommunication operators, cable TV, electricity and gas).

Functional features of the solution:

  • no possibility to modify the documents entered into the system
  • no possibility of deleting documents
  • no access accounts for end customers
  • lifelong access to documents
  • the possibility of limiting the availability of a document before a fixed date

Technical features of the solution:

  • cryptographically guaranteed characteristics of the durable medium
  • unique document access code
  • de-duplication of documents
  • possibility of building reliability and performance clusters
  • availability of a special procedure for the removal of personalised documents
  • the possibility of blocking access to documents temporarily or permanently
  • low hardware requirements for on-site options
  • system availability in the SaaS formula
  • Support through Blockchain technology
  • one solution and service provider – (license, implementation, support and development), no need for a third, trusted party
  • S3DOC is compatible with GDPR

All S3DOC versions support SSL encrypted communication. The system also has an API enabling integration with other systems such as document circulation systems.

The S3DOC system is prepared to store large amounts of data in different formats.

They could be:

  • MS Offfice package files
  • PDF files
  • Multimedia files e.g. phone calls or video recordings
  • Binary files
  • Text files
  • Objects isoon, xml, etc.

Document encryption

The Polish Financial Supervision Authority (UKNF) has issued recommendations to supervised financial institutions concerning the encryption of data processed in the cloud.

The UKNF message lists two categories of encryption:

  • at rest
  • in transit

 By launching a new encryption module we ensure that our WORM S3DOC technology complies with UKNF recommendations for both categories of encrypting documents stored on our durable medium.

Our S3DOC IT service ecosystem can be run in a cloud computing environment by financial institutions.

Additionally, we have guaranteed the possibility to implement new encryption algorithms in the encryption module when the currently available algorithms are compromised. The backward compatibility for already saved and encrypted documents will be maintained.


The performance tests carried out confirmed the ability of the S3DOC system to process large amounts of data in an efficient way, which enables the system to be used in the largest companies processing millions of documents annually.

S3DOC system versions

Several versions of the S3DOC system are available, which are adapted to the needs of different categories of companies.

  1. The Enterprise version is prepared for customers who want to have the entire IT solution at home on their own infrastructure. They completely manage the data that is collected in the S3DOC system. It is the most efficient version of the system, optimized to handle hundreds of thousands of documents. It is possible to build performance and reliability clusters.

  2. The Enterprise MT (Multi Tenant) version is the most extensive version of the system. It has the features of the Enterprise version and contains additional features such as: temporary and permanent blocking of documents, deletion of personalized documents according to GDPR. This version is designed for large, multi-branch organizations. It is possible to account for used resources such as the number of documents and their size.

  3. The Cloud version is designed for organizations that do not want to invest in their own infrastructure. This version has similar functionality as Enterprise MT. The system is installed on the infrastructure of the software manufacturer and is available in SaaS form. There are several subscription versions, which are adapted to the needs of companies of different sizes.

We also provide technical support services in the SLA model agreed with the Customer.

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