Durable Medium S3DOC

softWORM new generation of durable medium

Secured Solid State Documents

Durable and secure file storage

Main benefits

Full compliance with the regulations for the durable medium (confirmed by an audit)

Significant cost reduction compared to paper-based communication with the customer

Wide licensing and pricing model adapted to different scale needs

Possibility to integrate with existing systems through an enhanced API

Customizable to customer requirements

Comprehensive project implementation based on one business partner


After reading the design documentation provided by BCHAIN PARTNER LTD and successfully conducting the audit, it was stated that the described technology has the characteristics of a durable medium. The scheme of the developed system and the encryption methods used guarantee the security of the stored data. The introduced mechanisms of file content verification, in particular protection against unauthorized access, do not raise any doubts. The architecture of the presented S3DOC system is so flexible that it can be further extended in the future.

Polish Academy of Sciences
Systems Research Institute


Durable medium

Cryptographically guaranteed impossibility of modification of documents

Lifetime access

There is no time restrictions on access to files entered into the system

No third party

You don't need an external organisation to ensure document security


Documents are partitioned into blocks that obtain a unique cryptographic fingerprint


The system can be composed of many nodes connected together in a peer-to-peer model

No duplicates

Duplicate files are found in all nodes and then replaced by a single version of the document

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