Summary of 2020

  • Robert Pardela

The year 2020 will be long associated with the pandemic ? and restrictions ?.

Despite the difficult situation for BCHAIN PARTNER, it was a year of dynamic development.


We managed to achieve more goals than we had expected:

? We built a whole ecosystem of services around our S3DOC durable medium: a portal for document issuers, a portal for their customers, a mobile application, etc.

? We won the main prize in the Gazeta Bankowa Hit of the Year 2020 competition.

? We have built our own Blockchain technology and moved S3DOC (with Ethereum gone) to it, increasing efficiency and architecture flexibility.

? We were selected for the Accelpoint acceleration program by one of the banks that trusted us and our technology.

? We created a multiSign electronic signature module.

? We managed to build relationships with customers and partners who are looking for alternatives to existing and imperfect durable media.

? The culmination of this year is the positive opinion of the KNF for S3DOC durable medium.

? We also have new ideas for the further development of our BCHAINNODE platform and are launching an interesting project ZeroKX.


All this allows us to look at 2021 with great optimism ?.


What we also wish you ?

Robert Pardela