S3DOC for free – coronavirus pandemic

  • Robert Pardela

In connection with the pandemic coronavirus, BCHAIN PARTNER has decided to make the S3DOC durable medium available free of charge for EU companies until the end of June 2020. We will monitor the current situation on an ongoing basis and will consider extending this period in justified circumstances.

The durable medium can successfully replace documents in paper form. In a situation of developing epidemics it is important to stay at home and work remotely.

This is a “pro bono” initiative in which BCHAIN PARTNER gives (irretrievably bearing in mind the characteristics of a durable medium) space on a durable medium for entrepreneurs. The company will not charge any fee for using this space.


How companies can benefit from this:
– Many legal regulations make it possible to use an electronic version of a durable medium instead of paper documents.
– the cost of a single letter in a paper version is about 1 Euro (in Poland).
– the electronic version of the durable medium enables distribution of important documents without the need for direct contact between people (no need to go to the post office, the postman does not deliver documents to the consumer/customer)

What we offer:
– access to the system in S3DOC Cloud version
– total area for approximately 1 000 000 documents
– document issuer portal
– portal for defined recipients of documents
– mobile application (Android, iOS) for defined recipients of documents

We assure you that after this period:
– we will not charge anyone for using the system during this period
– it will be possible to extend cooperation with us under mutually agreed conditions
– you will be free to refuse further cooperation
– you will be able to download all the documents you have stored free of charge


If you believe that this offer can help other entrepreneurs, please forward this message.

More about the system: https://s3doc.com
If you are interested, please contact us directly.

Robert Pardela