S3DOC Mobile – durable medium in your phone

  • Robert Pardela

We are the first company to enable access to documents stored on a durable medium from a dedicated application running on mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

Our customers now have at their disposal a durable medium and tools for very active notification of new important documents to consumers, which increases compliance with legal regulations.


Features available in the mobile application:

  • Preview of the list of documents by categories
  • Preview/download of document content
  • Preview of document details (publisher, digital fingerprint, etc)
  • Preview of the history of actions related to the document, e.g.: adding the document to the repository of a durable medium, passing the document to the recipient, accepting the document, etc.
  • The application enables biometric logging


The S3DOC Mobile application is available in AppStore and Google Play stores.

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Robert Pardela

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